STEM in the Middle: It Takes a Village

STEM in the Middle, funded by Helios Education Foundation, provided STEM activities for middle school students, and professional development for middle school teachers of mathematics, technology, and science.

Young STEM Interest

STEM Collaboration

Benefits for teachers that participated in this program include:

• Updating knowledge of STEM concepts and skills.

• Enhancing skills in the design of activities/projects for students that integrate key ideas from science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

• Broadening knowledge of assessment strategies to identify students’ depths of understanding of key concepts and skills and their interests in STEM areas of study and careers.

• Increased knowledge of methods to address student needs and talents.


Benefits for students that participated in this program include:

• Increased success with mathematics and the sciences.

• Developing problem-solving and communication abilities.

• Enhancing collaboration and critical thinking during project explorations.

• Promoting interest in enrolling in more courses and more advanced courses in mathematics and science in high school.

Funded Project Products:

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