Arizona Science Center Mathematical AdventureArizona Science Center Mathematical Adventure

The Arizona Science Center (AZSC) Mathematical Adventure is a sequence of activities that add a mathematical twist to an otherwise normal tour. During this adventure, the reader is encouraged to complete various challenges while walking throughout the center. These fun activities can range from finding how many square inches of skin you have to lying down on a bed of nails (we promise it won't hurt!)

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MATHadazzles are number puzzles that will develop your logical reasoning ablilities, your sense of numbers (different types of numbers, their characteristics, and operations with them), and your persistence in solving problems. Once you start, you won't be able to stop UNTIL you successfully solve all of the puzzles!

Volume 1 Reasoning with Numbers

Volume 2 Reasoning with Numbers

Volume 3 Reasoning with Integer

Volume 4 Reasoning with Fraction

MATHgazine Jr.:

Very much like our own regular MATHgazine, these challenges and puzzles are centered around math problems for younger students. Completed magazines can still be sent to the PRIME Center.

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MATHgazine Sr.:

The PRIME Center MATHgazine is a monthly published magazine with various challenges that are both fun and educational. The students can complete these puzzles for each magazine and turn in the answers to us for for a chance to be crowned the mathematical genius of the year!

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The Pipeline Story

In this book, Prime the Pipeline Project (P3): Putting Knowledge to Work is described and brought to life with interviews and stories from the participants who made the program a success. The book is separated into three parts: Background, The P3 Program in Action, and Reflections. Each part offers more in-depth descriptions of the program’s components. The book concludes with an evaluation of P3.

You can read the book here or you can watch the movie about this project here.

STEM in the Middle

STEM in the Middle focuses on teaching both middle school teachers and students more about STEM related fields. This video highlights the participants' expereinces during this project.

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BioXFEL Information Film

BioXFEL is a program that lets high school students do research on biology and x-ray free electron lasers.This video gives an overview of what happens during this project.

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BioXFEL Recruitment Video

This video gives information on how to get involved in BioXFEL at ASU. Click here to watch the video.