Prime the Pipeline Project (P3):

Putting Knowledge to Work

P3, an NSF-funded project, was conducted from 2008 until 2013. This project introduced and tested the Scientific Village approach which served as the model for subsequent projects. High school students and high school teachers of science, technology, or mathematics collaborated as learners in villages designed and led by ASU faculty and industry experts. Students were given significant time-on-task to solve challenging, real-world problems. 

Pipeline Engineering

 Pipeline in Lab


Benefits for students that participated in this project include:
  • Better preparation for college
  • Increased knowledge of science, technology, enginerring, mathematics, and business concepts and skills
  • Awareness and devopment of talents in STEM-B areas
  • Opportunies to explore careers of interest
  • Networking and learning from experts in STEM-B fields
  • Expanded technology skills
Benefits for teachers that participated in this project include:
  • Gain a deeper understanding of key concepts in STEM-B fields and technologies
  • Learn design strategies for integrating new technologies and approaches into classroom instruction
  • Develop techniques for assessing students' depth of understanding
  • Discover effective ways to guide students toward technology careers
  • Access to all educational materials used
  • Receive stipends and leadership training


Never before have high school teachers and students worked as equal partners on collaborative long-term projects. Never before has such a multi-experienced, multi-credentialed, and multi-talented group come together to solve and discuss complex problems. Despite initial skepticism about the likelihood of success of such an approach, P3 demonstrated that the Scientific Village model is effective at increasing student achievement in STEM subjects, interest in STEM careers, and in making a difference in how teachers engage their students in STEM explorations.

Funded Project Products:

 You can read the book about the project below, or watch the movie here.

       FINAL P3 Book for Web.pdf