Recently Completed Projects

Biology with X-Ray Free Electron Lasers (BioXFEL), ASU Education Outreach, funded by the National Science Foundation 2013 - 2016 (#1231306).  The Education Outreach placed highs chool uniors and seniors, and undergraduates in the working labs of BioXFEL scientists, where they assisted with the conduct of experiments in the labs. C Greenes, Director and M. Cavanagh, Assistent Director.

STEM in the MIddle (SIM), funded by the Helios Education Foundation, 2011 - 2014 + 1 year NCE, provided STEM explorations for middle school students, and professional development for middle school teachers of mathematics, technology, the sciences, and other content areas that employed technology (e.g., art, music, business).  Leaders were experts from the university or industry.  Leaders were assisted by high school mentors C. Greenes, PI ad M. Cavanagh, Director.

Prime the Pipeline Project: Putting Knowledge to Work, funded by the National Science Foundation 2008 - 2011 + 2 year NCE (#6833760), evaluated the Scientific Village Approach to develop high school students and teachers' knowledge of STEM content and application.  High school students and teachers collaborated as learners in villages designed and led by ASU faculty and industry experts.  STudents were given significant time-on-task to solve challening real-world application problems.  C. Greenes, PI.

CK - 12 Foundation funded (2008 - 2011) Algebra Reasoning Modules for grades pre K-8.  These are online, open source materials.