Current Projects

App Maker Pro (AMP): Motivating STEM Study and Teacher Updating through App Development (NSF-funding, 2015-1018, #1509105). This 3-year project capitalizes on 1) the technology interests and talents of high school students to increase and sustain their interest in STEM and related fields, and 2) the desires of high school teachers to enhance their technology expertise and knowledge of applications that promote student learning. In the 1 1/2 year program for each of 3 cohorts, teams of students and teachers, led by technology and domain experts and mentored by computer science undergraduates, analyze existing apps in various fields, modify those apps or create new apps. In the final 1/2 year, teams lead programs on app development in their communities. C. Greenes, PI and M. Cavanagh, Director.

Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program began in 2015 with start-up funding from Georgia Tech's VIP Consortium of 20 colleges/universities.  The goal of the project is to provide undergraduate students throughout the university, with opporunities to conduct long-term research on "real problems" in the labs of ASU scientists, and to receive academic credit for their research work. C. Greenes, PI. 

MATHadazzles are number puzzles that develop solvers’ logical reasoning abilities, their sense of numbers (different types of numbers, their characteristics, and operations with them) and persistence in solving problems. Volumes 1, Reasoning with Numbers, Volume 2,  Reasoning with Whole Numbers, and Volume 3, Reasoning with Integers, were developed by middle school teachers in the Phoenix metropolitan area, and funded by the Helios Education Foundation as part of the STEM in the Middle project (2016). Volume 4, Reasoning with Fractions, and Volume 5, Reasoning with Decimals, were developed by middle school students with funding from the PRIME Center (2017). Volumes, 6-8, in process, are being developed by high school students in the NSF-funded Project App Maker Pro. They focus on algebraic reasoning. Proceeds from sales of the books on Amazon are being used to fund development of additional MATHadazzles books. In the process of constructing the puzzles, students gain greater understanding of mathematical relationships and ways to formulate problem clues. MATHadazzle development is led by C. Greenes and M.Cavanagh.

MATHgazines is a four-page newspaper chock full of interesting and strange mathematical problems and games. The PRIME Center creates and publishes two of these eight times a year: the MATHgazine Senior for grades 8 – 12 and the MATHgazine Junior for grades 4-8. These on-line publications are distributed throughout Arizona at no cost.